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When you are looking for an inspector you can trust, you should be looking for someone with integrity.  My name is Ron Glasscock and I recently retired from my 25 year calling as a firefighter and paramedic.  The skills learned in safety inspections, building construction and customer service skills all applied to my next calling as a licensed, insured and nationally certified residential home inspector.  I also have spent a lifetime in the construction industry.  You can trust this knowledge, dedication to service and integrity to provide you with superior inspection services.  Inspections South, Inc. puts a priority on customer service and education.  We work diligently to care for our clients and educate them about their future property.  This includes in depth explanations of why something is wrong, what needs to be done to correct the problem and who to contact to get help.  I maintain a trusted list of firefighter and police owned contractors that clients can rely on to assist them.  The goal is to educate the client and provide a clear condition of the property in a timely manner.  Reports are always published the same day as the inspection.

We also pride ourselves on providing realtor support.  Our reporting tools give you multiple ways to view a report, cutting out many of the details that are important to the client but not needed for repair negotiations.  Our built in reporting tools include a repair addendum tool to create a repair addendum directly from the report.  No more cutting and pasting.  More time to spend with your family.

What about sellers?  They're half the transaction and most are terrified of what the inspection will find.  Our website has downloadable flyers to help a seller prepare for an inspection.  We also offer seller consulting to help provide a sense of confidence.  

If you really want to know you're getting quality services, just jump over to our reviews page.  There is no shortage of clients who have shared their positive experience with Inspections South, Inc.